About Us​

VBTQE is a UAE based online fashion boutique which is identifiable by beautiful fabrics, glamorous establishments and luxury designs.

With all the elements combined VBTQE became known for its flattering fit which lead to a devoted following. Whether you would like to hit the beach, a party or a casual lunch, VBTQE has the perfect style for you. VBTQE look forward to making you look and feel fabulous every day!

Beige Glitter Cut Out Mini Dress
Brown Cut Out Maxi Dress

Our Mission

Our vision is to make people feel tempted about how they carry themselves. We don’t only provide clothes but also enhance the confidence of women with our chic outfits. We think style is the only thing that is in everyone’s budget. We always come up with a vast variety of clothing from hot swimwear and casual lunches to late-night party outfits. We follow the latest trends and designs and develop a relationship that makes a positive difference in our customers’ lives. We are always ready to help our customers to grab the best fit for them. 

Welcome to the world of VBTQE. Our world is known for its glamorous formation and never forgetting designs. Our mission as VBTQE is to provide outfits for stylish and trendy night parties to hot and alluring beach days. We offer tempting styles for women who always want to look and feel beautiful and glamorous. We always look forward to making our ladies feel confident about their looks.

Empower your fashion to the next level

Get outfits for stylish and trendy night parties to hot and alluring beach days today!

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