Affiliates Terms & Conditions

Full Terms & Conditions

Please note that failure to comply with these terms and conditions could result in your relationship being terminated and/or any commissions earned being reversed. Examples include, but are not limited to the following:

Voucher Code Affiliates

All voucher code affiliates are expected to adhere to the below:

The terms & conditions of this affiliate programme have been set to reflect these guidelines:

1. Using “Click to Reveal” when there is no valid or current code present is not permitted for affiliate publishers using “Click to Reveal” to show any deals / offers / sales instead of vouchers.

2. Voucher code affiliate publishers must clearly detail the voucher offer that will be revealed by the click.

3. A valid code or promotion is defined as a code that has been legitimately issued by VBTQE for use by affiliates and not a code that has been issued to consumers direct. This code or promotion will have an activation date and where necessary a deactivation date.

4. Voucher code directories must contain clear categorisation and separation between deals / offers / sales and discount codes.

5. Publishers are not allowed to promote/display any student discount offer unless previously agreed with the VBTQE team directly.

6. Publishers are not permitted to promote/display VBTQE Black Friday’s and/or Cyber Week’s offers unless previously agreed with the VBTQE team directly.

Furthermore, the following offers cannot be promoted/displayed:

  • Monetary discounts (e.g. AED100 Off)
  • Refer a Friend
  • CRM/Social Codes (those are exclusive to the specific channel)
  • Codes that belong to other publishers
  • Student discounts (unless previously agreed with the VBTQE team directly)
  • Codes/offers that haven’t been specifically passed to you by VBTQE directly

Product Feed 

The PrettyLittleThing data feed with up-to-the-minute pricing information will be refreshed each day.

Affiliates are requested to make every effort to maintain VBTQE’s most current pricing information in their promotions.

1. Pay Per Click search activity

Affiliates are not permitted to carry out any PPC search activity directing traffic to VBTQE except by special arrangement.

Affiliates generating traffic to their own sites must also abide by the following rules.

a. Using the VBTQE brand term in the sub folder of the display URL (eg – Not Allowed

b. Using the VBTQE brand term in the sub domain of the display URL (eg www. – Not Allowed

c. Using the VBTQE brand or a misspelling of the VBTQE brand in the display URL (eg or (www. – Not Allowed

d. Using the VBTQE brand in the ad title – Not Allowed

e. Using the VBTQE brand in the ad text – Allowed

f. Bid on the brand term “VBTQE” – Not Allowed

2. Discount code / voucher code websites

As standard all voucher code use needs to comply with the official guidelines

a. Publishers may only use discount codes which have been supplied to them by VBTQE directly.

b. Publishers must not display made up / invented discount codes on their site(s) or display discount codes that were intended for use in other channels or for other online publishers.

b1. Publishers are not allowed to promote/display any student discount offer unless previously agreed with the VBTQE team directly.

c. Under no circumstances are publishers allowed to surreptitiously use i-frames to set cookies onto a user’s computer.

d. Discount code publishers with websites that encourage users to “click here to reveal offer / code” thus setting a cookie can only use this function if a voucher code exists for the VBTQE programme. If there is no voucher code available for the VBTQE programme publishers must not use this method, as it leads to a poor user experience for potential VBTQE customers and can cause customer service issues.

e. If a discount code has been issued to publishers and it has an expiry date the publisher must clearly display on its website(s) the expiry date of this discount so that the user can decide whether they want to go ahead and click the publisher’s link.

f. If publishers wish to maintain expired discount codes on their sites for search engine optimisation reasons, they must display clear notification to the user that the discount has expired. This notification must be located right next to the expired discount code. The font size must be no smaller than the site(s) body text and the colour used must contrast clearly with the background It is not acceptable for the notification to be displayed a significant distance from the expired code.

4. Email Marketing

a. All email marketing must be signed off by VBTQE and the account management team.

5. Linking

a. Publishers are allowed to deeplink to a chosen offer or category on the VBTQE site

b. Linking through splash pages is not permitted (i.e. those on the VBTQE front page) as this interferes with the analytics package that is currently in place. Therefore, an affiliate tracking link must not include the splash page parameter (e.g. ?cm_re=Splash%20Box%20-_-Splash%20Box%205%20-_-Sale%20Coats)  

3. Cashback sites

Please note that use of any promotional/voucher codes that haven’t been issued to you by VBTQE, will result in the sales being declined. This includes voucher codes that were exclusively given to another affiliate or codes from other online sources.

In instances where exclusive codes have been issued to the cashback site directly by VBTQE, the user will be eligible to earn cashback.

For any sites that display commission rates, please ensure that this is clearly stated on your websites to ensure customers/members are aware of these T&C!

4. Google Shopping Ads

Please note that bidding on Bing and Google Shopping is not permitted by affiliates.

Affiliate Approvals –

All affiliate sites are audited on sign up to ensure any brand compliance issue that may exist are met.


All commissions will be validated on a 35 day period and VBTQE reserves the right to claw back commission on all returned goods.

We reserve the right to modify this Agreement at any time as demanded by the business without prior notice.  

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